Thai Tea Recipe


Here’s a detailed recipe for Thai tea. Everything you need for cooking Thai iced tea is water, sugar, condensed milk and Thai tea powder (aka Thai tea mix), which can be purchased here.

Thai Iced Tea Ingredients

Which ingredients are used to make Thai Iced Tea?

The main ingredient of Thai tea is the black tea. But that unique taste and aroma of Thai iced tea gives the other Thai spices. Usually it’s at least star-anise, cardamom and tamarind. In various embodiments, the Thai tea may contain other Thai spices.

But what is makes Thai Iced Tea orange? Today to make Thai tea orange using a combination of red and yellow food colorings.

How to make Thai Tea Powder?

If you got all these spices, you can make Thai iced tea powder yourself and get a real Thai Iced Tea, making experiments.

Or you can use to buy ready-made authentic Thai Iced Tea Powder, which will be delivered directly from Thailand.

Thai Iced Tea Recipe / Cha Dum Yen

Cha Dum Yen (literally Tea Black Ice) is the authentic Thai iced black tea drink.

As I wrote in the previous recipe of Cha Dum Ron, Thais do not drink hot tea. This is understandable, as in tropical climates same as in Thailand hot drinks are not in demand. 

Therefore, one of the most popular Thai Beverage is Cha Dum Yen (aka Thai Iced Tea). The process of making Cha Dum Yen exactly the same as described by me earlier Cha Dum Ron, except that the tea is poured into a glass with ice.

Photos of cooking authentic Thai Iced Tea, you can see on the Thai tea devoted site You can also view a detailed Thai Iced Tea Recipe Video on YouTube.

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Where to buy Thai Iced tea?

If you located in Thailand you can buy Thai Tea powder and everything you need to make Thai Tea almost at any local store.

 If you located outside Thailand you able to buy the full set to make Thai Iced Tea at The set includes Thai Iced Tea Powder (aka Thai Iced tea mix), Cotton Tea Sock (filter) and Thai Tea Recipe.

Also video recipe available on that Thai Iced Tea devoted website.

Thai Tea Recipe / Cha Dum Ron

Cha Dum Ron (literally Tea Black Hot) is the traditional Thai black tea drink.

Generally Thais do not drink hot tea. Well, in Thailand is not accepted to drink hot beverages. Except maybe the ginger tea. However, Cha Dum Ron is the tea, from which makes are other popular Thai teas, which I’ll explain later. 

So, the Cha Dum Ron Recipe

To prepare approximately five cups of Cha Dum Ron (a.k.a. Thai Hot Tea) we need one cup (200 ml) of Thai Iced Tea Powder, five glasses of water and from half to one cup of sugar.

In boiling water put the Thai tea powder and bring to boil stir in three to five minutes. Take off tea from the heat and filter through a cotton filter. Now add sugar and stir. Cha Dum Ron is ready! 

Cha Dum Ron is red and scarlet. The taste of tea pretty strong but Thai spices that are present in the Thai tea powder are gives to Thai hot tea a unique unmatched flavor!

Thai Tea Recipe

Here I want to collect all Thai Iced Tea recipes.Thai Iced Tea